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Please read updated T&C’S, this is our safety measure which must be read before we can enter your home. This also outlines any risks etc due to COVID-19 this has changed the way we currently operate.

We follow strict guidelines on social distancing and wear appropriate PPE. We are also asking that all customers wear a mask and remain in another room. If anyone in your household is self-isolating, shielding has any symptoms, waiting for a COVID 19 test result or if your children attend a school where there have been confirmed cases or your workplace, we will unfortunately not be able to book you in at this time.

If you are happy to go for a walk, wait in the garden or a different room, we would be more than happy to book you in. When we arrive please open the front/side door, whilst we get our machine and equipment out, we will wait till you have gone into another room before we enter, please remain in another room for the duration.

We ask customers not to walk on the carpets once we have pre-sprayed them as it is a slip hazard especially if you go from carpet to tiled floor, so please refrain from walking on wet carpet, it is at your own risk if you slip as the Technician will warn you again if you walk on the wet carpet and we will not be liable if you or a member of your household falls over. The booking is a direct agreement between the person who books in and us, the person who is present on the day must be over 18 and checks that you are happy with the work BEFORE paying and BEFORE we leave on the day and is also responsible for payment. Deals and multi service bookings are nonrefundable and are not liable for a revisit. We do not issue refunds. We do not offer a satisfaction guaranteed service or your money back. We are not questionable to Third Parties. If they have not booked us directly. All quotes are valid for 4 weeks and if you book in a last-minute deal price or a special offer this price may vary from the next time you book in.

  1. We use a large Industrial machine and Professional solutions
  2. We will need electricity and 3/4 separate sockets; our machine cannot run off extension leads
  3. Parking must be 7-8 meters from the property with pavement access ground level with no steps.

If going through the back garden, we need level ground and 2ft wide path and clear access. If you have had a room plastered and plaster has fallen onto the carpet and dried, we will refuse to clean it and the same applies to paint and cement. We cannot bump up pavements or park on double yellow lines or steep grass verges. If permit parking a permit will be required. If you have a large or older property, bungalow or barn conversion, please let us know the distance from the front door to the furthest room to ensure our hoses reach. If we turn up to your appointment and these vital details have not been mentioned then we may not be able to do the job, please make sure you provide us with all details. We have the right to refuse any customer request or job without a reason. Weather If heavy rain we may have to cancel, snow, flooding or extreme heat

Oven Cleaning

  1. We will ask customers to provide photos of their oven
  2. We only use Eco Products which are safer for your oven and family. We switch on the oven before cleaning and if it does not work, we cannot clean it due to insurance reasons and you will be charged £20
  3. We do clean the fan if we can access the back plate and the screws are easy to remove. The price of the oven does not include hob.
  4. We do NOT remove doors, glass will only be removed it there is a top pop slider or screw screen inside.
  5. We are not responsible for repair and maintenance of the oven, Carbon can build up on the bottom of the oven and hide scratches, scrapes and rust etc. We do not use excessive force or use excessive solutions on the oven if the RCD clicks out or electricity clicks out after this is a fault in wiring as the element ( mineral can take a degree of moisture ) we do not take responsibility for this ) We switch on the oven to make sure it all works before we leave there may be some residue after the clean so if it smokes it won’t last long as we do not use chemicals, just keep the kitchen well ventilated. Please make sure you check that you are happy with the clean before you pay and before the Technician leaves any issues should be raised at this point not messaging the page after several hours, we do take photos and videos before we leave, and we don’t issue refunds. We are not liable for any health conditions that arise after the clean same applies to carpet and upholstery cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

  1. We do NOT move any furniture. If the customer would like to move furniture there has to be a gap underneath for the carpet to dry, items must be moved BEFORE we arrive you cannot move furniture around whilst we are cleaning due to social distancing, also we are not liable if metal or wood stain bleeds onto carpets.
  2. We ask for photos of carpets to see what the condition is and if it is wool or synthetic
  3. STAINS We endeavor to remove stains but this is not a guaranteed service, we use Professional wool safe solutions, but some stains may be permanent, the same as odours if gone through to the sponge on the sofa could be permanent If a spillage or stain has not be acted on straight away it may remain like bleach, blood, urine, sun damage, worn areas, iron burns, cigarette burns, etc. and if the customer has used vanish this will affect the result and can leave white patches especially on wool carpets. Also, we cannot guarantee to remove stains such as oil, grease, coffee, orange juice, tomato, curry sauce, slime, ink, nail varnish, paint, gloss paint, candle wax, red stains, urine, vomit, cellouse browning or yellowing some may be permanent especially on wool, woolmix or Berber carpets
  4. If you have had/used a hire Carpet Machine (Rug Dr,Vacs etc) that does not extract as a professional level your carpet is liable to smell after re activating the underlay. Or if you have used another carpet cleaning company that have left your carpets wet for days and smelling damp. We do Not except any liability for this and therefor are not liable for a free reclean/revisit, also if your carpets are wrinkled. Also, if you have used bleach to clean your carpets, we will be unable to clean them. Also, products like vanish, 1001, Dr Beckmanns & other upholstery sprays on wool carpets or linen, canvas upholstery can leave white and pink patches this is permanently bleached and cannot be removed
  5. We DO NOT clean jute, hessian sisal or sea grass as these natural fibers. Wear on carpets can be commonly mistaken as dirt on synthetic and wool carpet shows a darker shade as fibers have had more wear in certain areas, doorways etc. We agitate carpets in high traffic areas where the pile is balding but unfortunately even after the clean this may still be apparent and also if have emptied out the room you will see a clear difference where furniture has stood and footfall and high traffic areas the carpet will be different shades and won’t match up to carpet that has never been walked on
  6. DRYING We recommend keeping the temperature of the room to be over 22C, depends upon the thickness of the pile, time of year etc. and if it’s wool it is more absorbent so may take slightly longer to dry. Other factors to consider are if the moisture reading comes up over 30% please allow longer for drying, this could be that you have used a carpet machine, or you have used vanish etc. sprays if your pet has had accidents etc. which has made the underlay wet. Do not place any rugs or furniture without a gap underneath on the carpets or this will stop it from drying and trap moisture
  7. Please make sure the entrance area is as clear as possible as the hose may knock items off, and we won’t be liable for any breakages. We will need hot water for Carpet, Upholstery and Oven Cleaning.
  8. We advise our customers to turn on central heating to help speed up the drying times if your property is cold. And not to place any furniture until the carpet is dry and could cause staining if wood or metal feet and without a gap under or a rug as this trap’s moisture.
  9. We will ask the customer to hoover through first which will remove pet hairs for both Upholstery Cleaning and Carpets, please lift cushions, hoover and remove toys, pens, coins etc. Deposits for End Of Tenancy Carpet & Oven Cleaning and for larger jobs booked in we do require a £20 nonrefundable deposit to secure your booking payable via bank transfer. If you cancel your booking at short notice the night before or the morning of your appointment, we will charge you a £10 deposit which we will deduct from your booking and will be payable ASAP.

Upholstery Cleaning

  1. We only clean Manmade materials, please check the labels
  2. We do NOT guarantee complete stain removal we use professional products depending on the nature of the stain and how long it has been there for results vary and also depends on the fabric as to the results we can achieve, some stains may be permanent and if the customer has used any sprays like vanish this may set the stain in. The same applies for odours and urine this could have soaked into the sponge and cannot be extracted out even though we use urine neutraliser but this is not guaranteed to remove it.

Car Seat Cleaning

  1. We only clean fabric seats not leather. You must have a driveway or off-road parking, ground floor only properties.
  2. We will need hot water and mains electricity not from garages, barns or extension leads, we do not clear away rubbish from the interior of the car or seats, we only clean the car seats, we do not guarantee complete stain removal, if you have cleaned the seats yourself and used bleach based products this can permanently damage the seat, our solutions are not bleach based, when the seats are wet they may disappear then when dry reappear, cleaning them again will still result in the same marks, basic dirt and watermarks can usually be removed but oil, paint, etc. is unlikely to be removed
  3. We do NOT clean Upholstery of the following fabrics Leather, canvas, suede, crushed velvet, viscose or velours, draylon, silk, antique suites or anything without a label as there is a risk, they will be damaged and dry clean only labels or cushions with feathers in.
  4. Rugs we can only clean synthetic rugs made from Polyester we do Not clean antique suites or oriental rugs, silk or viscose even if the label states a small percentage. If the customer insists it is at your own risk, we will not be liable for the result.
  5. Health and Safety Please keep children and pets away from all our equipment. We do not accept liability for any accidents caused.
  6. My colleagues and I do not tolerate threatening behaviour or verbal/messages. We do take before, during and after photos/videos as case studies of proof and we will publish them on the page and we use them for advertising purposes also.
  7. If payment is withheld after a job our accounting company will be informed and the customer will have to pay additional charges if not paid after one week. Once we park & setup, we will NOT move our works vehicle unless it is for emergency services. Any items carpets or upholstery can be resoiled within hours or days we are NOT responsible for this or liable to revisit and re clean for free.

We have the rights to refuse a client’s request without an explanation. Social media slander can result with our insurance company taking legal action against individuals. After Service care we advise all clients whilst on site, if the customer is unhappy, they have 12 hours to contact us. If our Technicians explain something (like a stain that could not be removed after using the relevant solutions/ or that certain fabrics can’t be cleaned etc.) to the customer, then the customer inboxes the page with the same subject no action on our part will be taken or refunds/revisits as the customer has been notified. By employing us you adhere to our T&C’S regardless of means of contact (via telephone or Private message etc.) RAMS (Risk Assessment Management) Law May 2019. We observe and assess risks on every job & site we also protect the public (customers by reading our T&Cs)

  1. Identify Hazards
  2. identify Risks
  3. Identify Control Measures
  4. Evaluating Risk
  5. Deciding Control Measures
  6. Recording Assessments
  7. Monitoring
  8. Inform Carpet cleaning is a low risk service, we will be running a hose and leads through rooms and stairs which create a trip & slide hazard which all customers and people on site are Informed. COSHH Solutions are all in bottles with appropriate labelling, customers are warned not to touch or use any of the technician’s solutions due to risks or spraying in their eyes, skin irritation or ingesting. If a company or third party uses us it is their responsibility to inform work colleges of the nature of our service and risks. We always ask customers to clear the area and keep a safe distance from the equipment and machine for their own safety. We work strongly with the guidelines of the product’s correct usage. We do not work at height. We are not liable for any accident occurred after another professional party has been informed about the nature of our service. Clapper boards will be set up to create a visible barrier for the technicians and public (customer) also for health & safety reasons. 2 technicians will be on site for health & safety reasons. For further details please read our T&C’S regarding the relative service. Our insurance does not cover any COVID related cases.

Thank you for reading our Terms and Conditions

Best Wishes

SoClean and Team